Book Review : The Utopia of Rules – by David Graeber

Books are one of the most important instruments invented by humans, for the sake of sharing and passing information. Our capacity to understand where we are and why we are living this way, is possible only by observing our past and the process we passed. Only by obtaining this knowledge, we can start to have a better idea about where we are going to and what are our alternatives.


The Utopia of Rules, is a fascinating book. it contained 205 pages dedicated to the topic of the evolution of Bureaucracy and its effect on our personal perspective and our social order. In these small amount of pages, David Graeber has managed to explain and Summarize one of the most relevant topic of our lives in the 21st century western culture – The bureaucratic maze of our imprisonment (my language)

This book is written in a wonderful manner, which made me laugh, think and be concern in the same time.

The amount of revelation I had regarding the world around me were countless. I enjoy deeply to read this book and took with me a lot of good lessons for may day to day life. The evolution of bureaucracy, it direct implementation on our lives and the reason for it, are all part of a group of topic that require more attention in our days. I truly believe more awareness is required in this topic and should be integrated into the program of the general education of our society.

My favorite quotes- 

“the ultimate, hidden truth of the world is that it is something that we make, and could just as easily make differently.”

“Capitalism, he noted, is not something imposed on us by some outside force. It only exists because every day we wake up and continue to produce it. If we woke up one morning and all collectively decided to produce something else, then we wouldn’t have capitalism anymore.”

For more information about the book and an easy way to inquire it:

The Utopia of Rules – (book and E-book available in the best priced I found)

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