Book review : The Looting Machine – By Tom Burgis

Books are one of the most important instruments invented by humans, for the sake of sharing and passing information. Our capacity to understand where we are and why we are living this way, is possible only by observing our past and the process we passed. Only by obtaining this knowledge, we can start to have a better idea about where we are going to and what are our alternatives.


The subject of “whats going on in Africa” is one of the most controversial subject in the western society of the 21st century. In the reality, is you ask any person living in Europe or in the USA about the situation in Africa, they will demonstrate a mix of ignorance and reluctance to enter seriously into the subject. In my opinion, the fact that the capacity of a westerner to live in his comfort and security in his country is directly related to the suffering in Africa is well known by all.

The misery of the people of Africa is indeed a subject that is hard to digest and can occupy a life time of reading. This is not what this book is about! This book concentrate in the development of the African nations following their liberation for imperialism and the roll the western country took and still taking in maintaining its poverty and enslavement.

In this remarkable book, Tom Burgis is opening the door to the reality we are all trying to forget – We are responsible for the lack of progress and improvement of the reality in Africa. This book, containing 247 pages of pure and important content we should all know. I find this book important and valuable. the reading of this book made me more aware not only of the reality there, but also of many aspect of my life in Europe. I recommend it deeply and admire The author for its courage and dedication in writing this important book.

Some quotes from the book:

“Where once treaties signed at gunpoint dispossessed Africa’s inhabitants of their land, gold and diamonds, today phalanxes of lawyers representing oil and mineral companies with annual revenues in the hundreds of billions of dollars impose miserly terms on African governments and employ tax dodges to bleed profit from destitute nations.”

“In 2010 fuel and mineral exports from Africa were worth $333 billion, more than seven times the value of the aid that went in the opposite direction”

For more information about the book:

The Looting Machine: Warlords, Tycoons, Smugglers (the best price for E-book and book I managed to find)

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