Into the numbers – Teachers Vs. market average income

As I mentioned in a previous conversation done in the subject of “constructive education“, to promise the creation of a better education, some fundamental changes are required. Education is a big and complicated subject. For the sake of promising a real and countable change, the field of education need to be separated to two different branch, that require separate reforms. The first branch is related to the fundamental ideas that lead to the creation of a constructive educational system and the second is how we are passing the information to the young generation.

The education of our young generation is done by teachers in all king of public and private institutions around the world. It is a demanding and exhausting profession. It requires constant concentration, patient, self-motivation and belief in the cause. To maintain such a capacity for a long period (more than 30 years), a system of rewards is required.

In the case of education, except the obvious reward related to the self satisfaction of taking part in helping kids and adolescence growing to become a better version of themselves, I find that two other reward systems are required for the sake of promising that the right term are given to teachers during their career. A fair amount of respect from the parent and a good income.

The salaries of teachers is a problematic subject, as it is a direct indication of the perspective the local government on the field of education. It is not a secret that the wages of the educational sector are low or insufficient to one life. As you will see in the list bellow, the subject requires a serious reform worldwide.

The list above compares the average yearly salary of a teacher in 28 countries comparing to the average salary in the market in 2015. I did not manage to find more recent statistics, but I’m sure no big difference have been made. As you can be observed, out of 28 countries (which we called the western world or developed countries) the salary of a teacher after 10 years of experience is lower than the average income of its country of residence. Only 8 countries are giving to their teacher a salary that is at least 10% higher than the national average. Not having enough income is without a doubt a good reason to lose one patient or lose motivation.

The job of teaching our young population is one of the most important jobs in our societies. I truly believe that teacher should get higher salaries. It’s incredible to see that advisers, bankers, sales person and politician get higher income than teacher. There is many ways to free funds for the sake of increasing teachers salary. As an example, we can lower the politician salaries or increase the profit taxes for cooperation that are doing big profits (many company exists). Those are only two out of many ways that are available for the sake of creating such a change in our current economy. It is a matter of prioritization of our government and our society.

For the creation of a better educational system, a change need to be done not only in the philosophy of what we are teaching the young generation. A parallel change need to be done in the way we approach and evaluate our teaching sector. Those are the two polls of our educational system, holding the key for the creation of a better future. fixing one without the other will not bring us the result we are searching for. Our future is in the hand of our young generation. Their future is determined by the educational system of our days. Is there something more meaningful and important than that?

Please share with me your opinion. Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.

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