It is not how many times you fall, it is how fast you get up. Make luck your weapon for success

Life is not a straight line. Every domain of our life has ups and downs. We are happy in some moments and sad in others. We are surrounded by people and then alone. We are energetic and then tired. In the reality, this is the meaning of life. If it was not like this, it would just be boring, too predictable and without any fun. It is the uncertainty in life that create romanticism, heroism, faith and hope.

A recent research has proven that in our society, it is not talent that will always bring us to be the most successful. Surprisingly enough, it is neither intelligent, hard work or personal capacity, even if it helps without any doubt. The research showed that the main factor for one individual success is luck. When I encounter this research, my first reaction was to dismiss it with reluctance, as I have been raised in a family that explained me that success is part of the privileges of the smart and hard working people’s.

As any subject that create an immediate reluctance in my head, I decide to take a few moments to think and re-evaluate my opinion. I quickly realized that based on my life experience it actually makes sense. I met many very intelligent people living a very mediocratic life after a few turns in their existence exhaust them and made them decide not to try any longer. Without any doubts, the social system we are living in today, is not build on values as justice and equality of opportunities. For sure there is no direct reward on hard work or good deeds.

From the other side, I met a lot of successful people with a very medium to low level of intelligence or professionalism. Without any doubts, believing that being good in what once is doing will bring one to success, is important for the motivation of any individual and is important for the sake of creating a professional society. From the other side, it does not promise in any case success or riches.

the principal of luck is important almost as the idea of hard work. I come from the retail industry, I own stores and handle with import and trade for almost a decade. I trained endless sales person and consulted a few businesses in my life. I had the pleasure to meet all kind of people with different personal capacity and motivation. My operation spread to many countries in different periods. In all of these experiences, I managed to find a repetitive pattern. It is not the most talented or intelligent people that finish successful, but the most motivated.

Life is random, it is sometime going as plan and many times not. For every good day, some bad days follows. Intelligence, hard work and practice are without any doubt helping one to master his field, which is necessary for any occupation. From the other side, it is self-motivation and positive thinking that brought all the successful people I know to success. They all try and failed. They all saw their dreams shatter by a reality that proved them that they are not the master of their own story. But they got up, fast and with a belief it will work better next time. This is the real secret of success.

The Principle of life is simple –

You need to work hard and aim to be the best in your field. There will always be somebody that perform better. If it does not exist at the moment, it will appear with the time. But as the main factor of your success is luck, it is not how many time you will fall but how fast you will manage to get up and your belief in your capacity to make it happened, that will bring you there. Failure is the key for success. More you try, luckier you get.

Thomas Jefferson said: “Harder I work Luckier I get”. Can you see it in your life?

Share with me your opinion, awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.


  1. It’s very sad to think that in most of the European countries (and potentially not only) you grow up with the idea that failing it’s something negative. The fear of it, holds us back from trying… can you imagine if a child would give up trying to learn how to walk after failing so many times?

  2. Your post is mind blowing..Have you been to Africa? Kenya in particular? You seem to be widely traveled. Back to your blog post, we Christians do not talk about luck but God’s favor. However, I do not want to rule out luck in totality because I’m made to understand that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. I agree with you that one needs to work hard and the more you try the luckier you get.

    1. Thank you for the time you took to right me your opinion. I truly apriciate it.

      Unfurthunathly I did not have the chance to travel in Kenya. It is one of my dreams.

      Regarding your comment. I heard once an Italian saying goes like this.. A good christian man has prayed to God every day of his life to win the lottery, but never won it. In the end of his life, when standing in front of god, the good Christian ask him, why he never answered his wish….God look at him with a small smile and told him “did you ever thought to buy a lottery ticket?”

      I guess this is where hard work, luck and God meets.

      I would truly apriciate hearing your opinion regarding my post about education. I’m fascinated by the Kenya culture. It’s so different than mine. I wonder if this post is relevant to you as well.

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