Living in the now – concentrating in the moment becomes harder every day

Have you ever done something for the sake of finishing it? have you ever felt you are just waiting for day to pass to arrive to tomorrow? Recently, I realized it became a pattern of behavior in my life. I truly manage to notice it only after I realize that my capacity to enjoy daily events and concentrate in random task has diminished drastically. Can you recognize those moments in your life? Does it sounds familiar? Your personal peacefulness and daily happiness depends on it. be aware.

In a fascinating book I read recently called “focus”, written by Daniel Goleman my eyes got open to the idea that focus is working like a muscle and that we are losing the capacity to use it. I start noticing it in many fields in my life. My capacity to read long texts, listening to conversation I do not find very interesting and my capacity to just wait diminish drastically.

It is not a secret that the over use of technology is affecting our life and our habits. unfortunately, it affect drastically also our capacity to love, show empathy, feel real happiness and peacefulness. To test yourself is very easy. take one day of your life and try to notice how many moment of your day you manage to pass by enjoying the moment, without reaching to your phone or thinking about other tasks. Try to remember how many times in the last month did you took the time to read a long text. In your daily activities, try to notice how many times did your truly enjoyed what you are doing without thinking about the next mission or task to come.


I realized I failed in all these tests. In my life, I noticed I do not enjoy the road I’m taking (walking, train, bus) as I’m busy thinking about my destination and my next mission. My capacity to enjoy a moment of quite without reaching to my phone do not exists any longer. In the evening, instead of enjoying my wife and the peacefulness of finishing a long day of activities, my mind is busy thinking about tomorrow.
Many of us do not feel real happiness of small and simple moments. We miss the beauty of the road and our path, as we are to busy in the destination. we forget to appreciate what we have today, because we want more tomorrow. Alan Watts said –“Life is like a symphony, you do not come to listing to the last note but to enjoy the process.

Self awareness is the key for a better life. peacefulness and happiness without any doubts, are the essence of the well being of one self. Today, we are a reflection of the habits we built in our past. The answers are simple, if one is willing to listen and practice. life is a journey and not always a simple one. If we will not enjoy it a step at a time, life will just be a long, exhausting and frustrating path in which we will always wish to be somewhere else.

Since I start working on it in my life, I have more beautiful moments and more quality in my days. Not only because I create more interesting interaction with people by actually listing to them, but because I notice how many beautiful things I miss walking my life with the head down.

Can you connect to such thoughts? How do you feel it in your life.

Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future. Your thoughts count! share it.

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