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PHILOSOPHICAL argument regarding the green passport

In recent days the subject of the vaccination passport/ green pass has been everywhere in the media. The entire social media is up and armed, to promote the benifits of the green passport and censor the conflicting narrative. Like many other subjects in this covid era, an healthy conversation about the meaning of such a reality is almost impossible. I tried it several times and failed measurably. Like any other covid related conversation, the immediate respond of people supporting the current regime, is to take the conversation to the death count, the hospitalized number and the personal fear of getting sick.

I will enter into the relative number of death cases, statistic and vaccine arguments in a different article. I truly believe there is a lot to say about it all. Furthermore, i beleive a civilized and open conversation about these topics is lacking today. Which is probably, one of the reasons we live in such an extremist fearful society. But this is all for another topic of conversation. Believe it or not, the fundamental question of the green passport have nothing to do with death, vaccines or even the variant of the day. It have to do with the following argument – is it legitimate that a government will restrict your freedom, capacity to work and capacity to socialize, if you refuse to do what it currently think is the right thing for you.

I will stress this point again – this question has nothing to do with covid itself. Any person that will bring a counter argument to the green pass which involves covid or the vaccinations, is just avoiding the subject. It has to do with the power that yield our government in a democratic country. It is about the legitimacy of the action itself. It has to do with the power the government will have once this measures are normalized.

If you are feeling itchy and uncomfortable about this question yourself, continue to read just a bit more before negating it completely. Here is the bottom line – historically politicians and politics work in a one directional way. They try to implement new measurements and call it temporary, normally due to an emergency. If the society accept it, it becomes the new normal and the way to move forward is paved for radicalization. The green passport is a first attempt to isolate individuals and strip them from their freedom, if they disagree to do what the government has decided is right.

In this case, we are talking about taking an irreversible injection of a debatable cure. But it is frankly irrelevant. The majority of the people that support such an act are probably scare, confused, tired or fully brain washed. Most of them just want to finish with it and move on with their lives. They are so tired and bombarded with terror, that they miss the historical events that are happening in front of their eyes. The question about the green passport is not about the efficiency of the vaccine, It is about blind obedience to your ruler. Punished by lose of freedom and livelihood.

Ask yourself this question – as a citizen of a land that is suppose to be built on values such asliberty and freedom, do you support this aggressive move of your government because you philosophically believe it is the way we should operate forward in our free society, or is it just because you happen to agree with the specific argument this time. If your answer is the second, just accept the fact that the next random decision of your local government, could not coincide with your set of belief…and then what could you do about it? Probably nothing… it will be already to late.

Many tyrannical advancement in the past started with small steps accepted by the majority of the population. If we examine it closely, we will discover that any extremist ruler started with the support of the majority of the population. He couldn’t advance otherwise. It is true for any government ever created. It start with small steps justifiably done due to a certain “emergency” or revolution and then evolve to be the new normal.

regardless of your opinion about the vaccine. Ask yourself the next questions. By supporting the green passport, are you promoting values of acceptance and freedom? When supporting the limitation of movement, freedom and freedom to work are you promoting values such as equality and social inclusiveness? I think the answer is clear.

Cherchill said – “ those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. Two generations has past since the last tyranny in the western world. Maybe we are living to comfortably to care or remember. The sign is on the wall, we are losing our freedom and hailing for it. It is always fear that bring the worst out of us. Think again what you are supporting today. It will be the reality our kids will have to pay for.

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