Is covid our new religion?

in the last year and a half, a new reality has been created and reinforced. It has been done globally regardless of location, sex or background. It has swapped all previous conceptions of reality and reinstalled a new set of values upon us all. With the time, conversation about the subject between ordinary people became more an more heated and emotional, bringing to the total brake down of friendships, families and social structures. Looking at it this way, a legitimate question to ask will probably be, is Covid our new religion?

not to long ago, my mother had a long an heated argument with me. It was obviously about doing the vaccine and the legitimacy of the green pass. When I express my reluctance to inject a experimental substance (irreversible action), developed by questionable scientists, just because the local authorities decided it is good for me. Adding, that my punishment for not cooperating will be my exclusion from society. She responded, it is not like they asked you to change your religion or something…. Well…. Acting again my core belief or conversing them, for the sake of being accepted into society is exactly that.

Looking on it from an historical point of view, it could be said that this crusade is a moderated one. In ancient times, when a new religion took over (mainly the monotheistic one), the local population got the option to change it religion or die in most of the cases. It is worth noting, that in the period of the muslim expansion the punishment for not converting to Islam in the beginning, was just paying more taxes than the converted. The point I’m trying to make is the following – exclusion from society and social shaming due to a lack of cooperation with the current set of beliefs in society, is not new. It was always about religion and it will always be.

to examine the covid religion question deeper, let try to find parallels between our known religions and this one. The monotheistic religion is all about a force that is stronger than us. One we cannot see, touch or fully understand. One that dictate for us a certain set of rules we should follow. It punishes us if we don’t (with sickness, death and poverty) and reward us if we do…sounds familiar? Lets continue… religion create a certain social order, requiring a repetitive ritual and a clear set of rules that need to be followed. It seems that social distancing, repeating vaccinations (the 3rd one is on its way) and PCR test can fit for here.

religions have normally a core logic to follow which its followers are not allow to doubt. In this case, we can clearly use the pseudo science behind the virus and the covid case count to check this box. Normally, the religion of the moment is represented by a big and powerful organisations located in a big and impressive monuments, represented by local priests. Those priests are giving their interpretations that can occasionally zig zag. Regardless, they should be taken seriously and obviously can not be doubted.

In the covid era we have our governments, in their fancy building, filled with unelected “professionals”. They function exactly as priests, as they give their momentary interpretation to the “science”, which they can change over time. Obviously, they cannot be doubted or hold accountable. The last sentence is not my personal option, but and observation of the last 18 months.

like any other religion take over, a complete redefinition of words and concepts has been done in the last year and a hard propaganda is ragging everywhere you look. It is in your social media, television and on public transportation. A war on objectivity and plurality is fought on all social media. As big tech and government are working together on censoring all opposing opinions. Doubt in the “truth” of covid, became a doubt in the establishment, the social contract of society and the core beliefs of your neighbors. All information that contradict or doubt the official story is erased, ridiculed and categorized as conspiracy theory or extremism.

Last but not least, any religion require a symbol one can ware in public to show the people around he is one of the “good guys” and some martyrs are needed. In the covid religion case, people can ware a mask. They can ware it on their face or their arm and if they want to show they are true believers they can also wear two or three mask. I’m aware that some double mask wearers are doing it out of true fear…it doesn’t change the point I’m making.

I believe you can understand my conclusion about the religion question above. It seems to me, that nothing will drastically change if we accept the idea that covid is potentially our new religion. It will just make it easier to handle for the religious one and for the non believers. It could allow us to have a more open conversation about it and maybe show some more tolerance to each other.

our social structure is changing and falling apart. It is not by mistake. Every new religion need to eradicate the old one and establish its new social order. It seems we went to far already. Reversing the process is already a lost cause. From the other side, we have the power to influence and help to shape the new normal. It is in our hand. We will decide if under the new covid religion, we will accept the others regardless of their opinion and their beliefs. If we will be a society that will support each other and get out of this identity crisis with the capacity to create better or plunge us to a new dark age.

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Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better world.

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