An honest letter from The vaccine companies

Dear citizens of the world,

following the last developments concerning a 3rd covid shot requirement, we decided to address you all directly.

As the main economical beneficiaries of this Pandemic, we would like to start and thanks the people and organizations that made it all possible. The emergency approval of our new experimental technology, regardless of any available long term research or clear conclusion, was a huge part of our success. Additionally, the removal of any personal or cooperative responsibility for the unknown effects, gave us the confidence we needed to move forward with full speed. Last but not least, our enrichment would have never come to fruition, without the extended tax payer capital allocation to the propaganda campaign and the censorship mechanism executed so efficiently from day one.

We would like to thanks all the vaccinated people around the world. That regardless of any scientific evidence or available information supporting the safety of our products, took part in our experiment. We know that some of you did it as a requirement to keep their job, friends or relationship with their family members. Which reinforces our belief the road ahead is clear for additional experimentation.

We could really not make it without this extensive cooperation. And we want to thank you for it.

The recent rise of cases around the world has come to our attention. Reports from various countries started to arrive in the beginning of July, signaling a rise of infections in vaccinated people. Data flowing from the last weeks, indicates that the number of fully vaccinated people getting infected by the Delta, is growing by the day. This developments give us a lot of comfort, knowing our vaccine are working exactly as we design them.

Side view portrait of smiling African-American boy high five nurse after covid vaccination in clinic or hospital, copy space

We would like to assure the public, there is no reason for concern or panic. Thanks to the remarkable cooperation with your local government, we can confirm that the majority of the developed countries have already signed with us contracts for the 3rd shot (the boosters”) in early 2021. The mass production and distribution is in line with our schedule and available for injection in your local vaccination points.

zarch and development team, is working day and night to assure we will be ready with the 4th and 5th shot in time. We can assure the general public, that we are standing ready for any order needed by any government paying the right price.

on this note, i would like to address the misinformation campaign regarding our products. The confidence showed by certain organizations regarding the safety of our products is truly mind bugling. For all the skeptics, please not no adverse reaction effect are mention in our website. As an experimental vaccine, we do not fully know the short, medium or long term effect. Please do not fall for misinformation. Any person or organization showing over confidence in our products is moved from motives of self interest that do not concern our company.

On a finishing note. I would like to thanks again all the people and organisations that helped approve, promote and spread our products. We can assure you all, that for the right price and exposure to medical data, we will continue to improve, produce and spread the best products possible. Promising and healthy and continuous operation of our company.

As out company mission state : your body, our advantage.

Thank you very much and good night.

discover more on their websites ; Pzifer , Moderna

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