Hold hostage by the boomer generation

Hold hostage by the booMers generation

Fear of death, has always been is part of human existence. It follows us during all our life spam. Different cultures in different period, approached the concept in different ways. Giving to death all kind of different rolls in our society. For example, Nordic vikings saw death in battle as a purpose in life. In the Indian culture, reincarnation place death as part of a natural process of continuity.

In the current western society, we take death extremely seriously. We see it as the end of a road. Life in many ways, became a struggle for the avoidance of death. Westerns spent an awful amount of resources and time fighting the inevitable. We are proud of our capacity to make life longer. We cherish it and over time take it for granted.

The social structure of the western society has integrated with the idea of longevity. The boomers generation, growing up in a period of peace and prosperity, has been raised based on this assumption. If the las sentence sound strange to you, Let me explain it. Living a life dedicated to over-working, for the sake of enjoying a retirement, assume not only that one will reach retirement age. It also implies, that one will live long enough after retirement to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Today, a few generations after the boomers, all our social system is built on this assumption. Pushing death into a dark corner of our subconscious. Many people in our day an age, decided to ignore death completely. Even categorize it as something unnatural. I heard many people calling all type of death which are not caused by old age -“unnatural”. I find this approach fascinating. In many ways, it seems like a the mainstream philosophy is more concentrated with not dying, rather than how to live.

Oppression by the boomer generation

The recent Politicization of covid, exposed us directly to death. We start counting it and talking about it constantly. After decades of complete ignorance, it hit us back in the face. The weaponization of the fear of death became a strong tool in the hand of our government. By waiving invented statistical predictions in the early stage*, governments all over the world, gave themselves the legitimacy to act freely without any opposition from the masses. The government came to us all and promised – give us unlimited power and we will make you avoid death. Not only your own, but the one of all your loved one. We all trembled, shake and complied.

Reality became clear very fast. We are handling with a virus that pose a danger mainly to the elders. I showed some statistics in a previous post of mine, showing the death distribution by age in Italy. To summarize- while death case in Italy for the population of 0-59 went down significantly, almost 90% of the registered death where of people aged 65+, with un-proportional concentration in the 80+ population. Moreover, recent research from a well respected institution proved that around 99.7% of people will easily survive. (this report has been adopted by the WHO). Meaning, that regardless of the fear mongering massages over the media, even in the highly endanger group the big majority survives.

looking on it from a generational stand point, it is easy to see how we arrive to our current predicament. The boomers, that are only reaching now the promised land of pension. Feel they deserve to get what they have been promised – a fantastic and long period of enjoyable retirement. It is safe to say that a big part of the population aged 55-64 feels like the boomer. After all, they worked hard, raised families, compromised and struggled, for the promised land – the retirement dream.

It is important to mention, that from a productive and growth aspect, The 60+ population is mainly unproductive, as they are all mainly retired. From the other side, the 30-59 are the main working force (sponsoring the majority of the pensions). And the development and opportunities given today to the 0-29 will shape our future society. The chance of death from covid to the population of 0-29 is smaller than 0.001% and the 30-59 is not drastically different.

Free us from oppression

Looking at it from this perspective, it seems legitimate to ask – are we all hostage to the boomers generation? If vaccinations are truly effective, the relevant population can vaccinate and free us all. If the vaccine is not, wouldn’t it be reasonable to ask the same population to take the correct measurements and let us live? after all, the future of their pension availability is based on the working people. Is it not?

the effect and consequences of lockdowns, green passports, school closures and the death propaganda have astronomical effects on the young and working population. it plunged the working class into insolvency and force them to be part of a state welfare. It broke apart families as divorces surges. The mental and social effect on the development of kids and teenagers, are a long term catastrophe. It promoted and gave legitimacy to tyrannical aspect on out government, which will shape the future of our democracy and the free world.

We are all hold hostage. We are burning the future for the sake of saving an unrealistic past. Enough evidence and solutions exist for us to move on. The majority of the population is in no real danger from Covid. Don’t explain us it is all for us. It is for your sake and your sake alone. it is time to take responsibility on our life and our future. Enough with the Boomers fear campaign. The cost of maintaining the Boomers dream is too expensive. We gave them the chance to make it right and they didn’t. Please, give us back our lives. We will always respect you and come to share. But we prefer to do it willingly. Not because we are terrorized and must stay together in lockdown.

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Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better world.

*( the hopkins institution that came with the death estimation admitted to be wrong about it over a year ago)

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