Learn from conspiracy theorist

Can We learn something from a conspiracy theorist?

I’ve been called conspiracy theorist many times is my life. Mainly, by people searching to negate my point of view in one simple move. To be quite honest, it is a successful tactic. From the moment a person is categorized as such, any provoking thought presented is immediately dismissed. Regardless of its validity. This tactic of dichotomizations is not new. It is a wonderful tool, used by the governing party for separating the population.

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It can be said in many ways that I am a conspiracy theorist. It is not something that just happened to me. After the events of the 9/11, Something in my head told me I need to look deeper into it. And so I did. I spend hours, days and years reading, researching and looking on official and unofficial statements. My conclusion was simple, something doesn’t adds up. From there, I continued my research. I started to read history books, economy, politics and everything I could put my hands on. Oldest was the publication better it was. Over time, I started to create a macro picture of our reality. Different from the mainstream one. Not because I am a born rebel, but because I had the knowledge and proofs that showed me something different.

The core esamtion of most of the conspiracy theorist is that events are connected. This by itself consitute a core empirical belief. Contrary to what people tend to believe, this esamption is based on a concept of order and not chaos. Not believing that a connection exist between event is not only unrealistic, it is a clear declaration we live in full chaos and randomity. All our seintific aprouch and historical one, is base on the esamption event are interconnected and affect each other. So why should it be different now?

Another core esamption of conspiracy theorist is that, something bigger and more powerful than us (as individuals) exist. This body have a long term view of the world, contrary to the short time view of a human life period. This body (the elite) have a certain plan that has been put in motion, for the sake of reaching a certain goal, defined in the beginning of the rpocess. Normally, it have to do with controlling a local or global population, bringing it to act in the way it find relevant and correct. I truly don’t think there is something new, strange or special in this assumption. It seems to me it describe any monotheistic religion ever held by humans.

now, lets get deeper into the philosophical arguments related to this topic. The majority of what we call “truth” has been showed as relative. Truth change over time based on the interpretation we give it. When people talk about what we normally call truth, it is normally an argument surrounding the interpretation of reality and not the reality itself. Science by itslef is a way we found (or a set of tools we creates) to understand the reality around us. It is based on a set of assumption (“truth”), that change in case some result require it.

eventually, we are all trying to make sense of what is going on around us. It seems to me, that the difference between the “conspiracy theorist “ and the other, have a lot to do with the willingness of a person to blindly eccpet the nerrative of the local authorities. The orthodox believers in a society, normally hold the same truth the majority held. While the conspiracy theorist, hold the contrarian side.

It is definitely more comfortable. It doesn’t require to go and actually search for new information. It doesn’t require a person the handle with uncomfortable details, it allow him not to take full responsibility on the events that unfold. And maybe more importantly, it gives a feeling of being part of the majority. After all, if the majority believe in a nerrative, by definition it will be categorized as the main stream and never as a conspiracy or a theory. How comfortable is that.

Conspiracy theorist can be seen as the balancing force to blind obedience. To put it simply, they are the protectors of the need for variations. In all human history, religions and local authorities worked very hard on blocking different narratives. It gives them the ultimate power to shape and control reality. Allowing them to obtain obedience without questions. Conspiracy theorist are this group of people that insist on searching for more than just the preached narrative. Their role is to expose people to doubt and their responsibility is to do it with knowledge and patience.

Historically we hale to people that could be consider in their period “conspiracy theorist”. Socrates, the father of western philosophy. And Jesus, the father of christianity. While i will strongly not recommend to hang conspiracy theorist. Would it not be a good idea to listing to what they have to say? After all, hearing a different opinion can not really heart. Unless one just follow blindly a doctrine he himself don’t really understand.

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Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better world.

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