Constructive Education – The foundation for a better future. Part 1

The world is changing. The development of the last 150 years has brought humanity to progress and evolved into a process called “Globalization”. The process itself is healthy, as it connects people around the world. promoting a general consciousness that for the first time in history, can make us understand we are all humans. Sharing the same planet and fighting to promote a better world. Without any doubt, ideas of fear and separation are still broadly hold by many. Which mainly reflect a mental stage that is no more relevant to the healthy and progressive evolution of the human race.

Our capacity to share and create ideas between people and cultures, are the main tools that brought us the progress we are enjoying those days in the West. Nevertheless, the main obstacle for the creation of a better global future, hides in our education.

Individual and societies are a direct consequence of local education. It is the educational system that construct our way of thinking. In older populations and in the mind of the youth.

The education system of our current era, teaches the young to be terrified, full of guilt and hater. Contributing to their separation from their peers around the world. It doesn’t promote progress or a society that sustains individuals. As the world is changing, the educational system and its values should be closely observed. A change is needed in this system as well. Like any other chnage, we should be very careful regarding how we do it, as it will determine the mental stage of our children and our future societies. In my Book “Back to Ourselves” I laid out a new standard for our current education system, which I called constructive education:

“Constructive education is an education that fundamentally gives an individual the tools needed to acquire information from all sorts, to appreciate and doubt the source of information in hand, and to develop his own conclusions while maintaining the general understanding of what he does not know.”


The hater and fear promoted by the media regarding immigration and different cultures is dangerous, as it promotes violence and separation. These feelings are easy to manipulate as they exist in many. This social weakness has been built over time, due to the malfunction of our society, problematic government and the economic devastation caused by the explosive national debts that impose unproductive taxes on it masses. The need for a better education is urgent.
Hating the hater or being afraid of violent movement that act out of fear of the other, is not helping creating better societies or a better world. The creation of strong individual holding the right tools for progress is needed, which in its turn will actively create strong societies. It is the key for a better future. The media should concentrate more in the problems of local education and less in propaganda of hater and fear.

In a series of posts, I will develop the ideas underlying the concept of constructive education. Follow the blog to learn more over time

Share with me your opinion in the subject. Your opinion does matter.

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  1. As I said in a different thread, elsewhere, Amitai … you have an eloquent way of expressing your thoughts. I do believe that parents … (as we all) should pay very close attention to our educational system (I live in America, so I am speaking from that point of view) … and, to our children. I also believe that it is time to demand truth in our media, rather than bias … and civility … rather than hatred.

    1. Dear Debbie, Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and right a comment. It is wonderful to see that people from different part of the world are sharing the same concerns and values. I’m about the publish the 4 part of this conversation. It will be my pleasure to hear more of your thoughts.

  2. Dear Debbie, thank you fr sharing with me your thoughts. I will post a few more articles about the concept of constructive education. I find it to be a fundamental topic in our society.

  3. American education must improve. In our efforts to ameliorate education, those efforts need to concentrate on developing true critical thinkers who are equipped to solve and respond to 21st century American and global challenges and problems. A “constructive education,” as delineated by you, helps to move us closer to the type of education we need in America.

    1. Dear Antonio, Thank you for taking the time to write a comment. I truly believe that a reform in the general approach to our educational system is needed world wide. As many other systems, the educational one has been build long time ago. With the recent development of our societies, a change is needed. I hope that my ideas will promote such a process. Only by sharing our opinion and promoting an open conversation a change is possible. I invite you yo read the other parts in this subject and share with me your opinion.

  4. I am happy to find someone who has the same views like me on the importance of education in building the world of our dreams. I strongly believe like you, that education is the determining factor in the destiny of the world. We are what our education has made us. I have written quite a few things on this. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I think education should be empathetic, tolerant, expansive, respectful and promoting equality, responsibility and justice. It should be skills based, experimental and investigative.
    Education is the future.

  6. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future!
    Thank you for sharing this insightful piece with us. The issue of constructive education is still a miles away from being a success in Nigeria.
    Without sentiments and bias I must say that the past has not left us and so the future is not even being dreamt of. The idea of learning in fear is still happening in the country today especially in most Government owned schools and schools in the north. There’s nothing constructive about the educational system being practised there and it’s worrisome.
    The government needs to stop this pussyfooting method of handling the educational system and make frantic efforts to see that they enforce the necessary changes needed for the growth of the educational system in the country which in turn will lead to a better nation. Without the people being educated, growth of the nation becomes evasive.
    Parents are not left out of this. Especially those who have children in the government owned schools and in the north, must pay close attention to the psychological, physical, mental abilities of their children or wards in schools. They must ensure that their wards are gaining the right knowledge and in the right way. How do you explain a grade 9 student that can’t spell the name of her country? How in the world do you think she would be able to proffer solutions to the problems of the country much less bring about the growth of the country.
    How do you find a solution when you can’t tell if there’s a problem?
    Change will always come, not because it has to, not because it wants to, but because it’s necessary. Constructive education is necessary, but it only becomes so if we deem it so.
    Thank you for sharing once again. I have so much to say about this but I’ll pen down here.

    1. Hi, thank you for taking the time to right this comment.

      I agree with you completely. The state of the education of those days in horrible. In a following post in the subject, I described what I consider to be a depressive education.which is what our children are getting those days.

      I believe an active movement should be established by the people for the sake of changing our education. This post is one out of 8 in the subject. Our governments are not doing their job any longer, as they are to bussy covering their own mess. The education state(which should be a top priority of any government) is a Reflection of this incapability.

      Please let me know what do you think about the rest of the posts in the subject. Awareness and open conversation are one of the first steps needed for the sake of creating a real positive change.

      1. Change is many times difficult and in many cases take time. It’s motivated individuals that believe in their capacity to make a change that manage to create one. It doesn’t always works, but if it does…This is the way.

      1. Education is a powerful tool, when it is done properly. All too often, at least in the UK (I live in England, so of course, can only comment from my own perspective), the school system, especially state schools, all too often fail children, and it’s not teachers fault. In the UK, schools are rated by a government body called OFSTED. Children are taught to pass tests, and the children here are heavily tested, right from infant age (SATS tests).

        As you already state, governments are too busy covering their own messes, and politicians are mostly self-serving. I agree with you whole heartedly, that there must indeed be a shift in perspective, one that puts people before capital and property. I fear that until capitalism is done away with, will that shift ever come?

        A good article with some good points raised.

      2. Thank you for your comment.

        Education is a powerful tool, when it is done properly it can do wonders and promote constructive and positive value. Unfurthunathly , even when it is used badly, it’s impact is not less powerful.

        The subject of capitalism and it’s impact on our education, is without any doubt a troublesome subject. It affects not only the system and it’s values. It shape our young generation and teach them to pursuit self interest amd promote separation.

        In a book I hope to publish next month, I’m talking about this subject extensively. I believe the change you are talking about can in go both of the ways. The end of capitalism will definitely bring to a dramatic change in our educational system. But a real change of value In our educational system, can promote in its turn the end of the capitalist regime.

        A general change need to come. It should affect our education, economy, politics, justice system and our values as a global society. It can come only from the people side. Possibly, the field of education can be a good start. It is relatively transparent (we can see the changes immediately in the classes of our childrens), it’s a fundamental field that will affect our future and it is not attacking directly the heads of the capitalist snake.

        I hope to be part of such a movement as I find it extremely important. Hope I will have the chance to do so.

        Regarding the capitalist scheme. I would love to hear your opinion about the following post.

        Feel free to share any opinion. Awareness and open conversation are the key for creating any social change.

  7. Such good points raised. So much of the media is fear mongering as you say. I do believe the education system is the easiest and best way to change a society and with the changes that are happening around us, all societies will change one way or the other.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

      Indeed. Change is certain. It is what we will decide to do or not that will determine how we will evolve. Due to the last development in the field of technology, it is the first time the masses obtain a tool of awareness that can promote a positive change.

      We still need to learn how to use it and believe a change is possible. But it is already a good start.

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