Reshaping the youth

Reshaping the youth – the hidden agenda

Government all over the world, are pushing aggressively the new vaccine doctrine. This movement toward mass vaccination, has been built on the manipulation of the social mood. Creating a reality in which vaccines became a socio political question. Many of my friends in Israel explained me in the early stage of the pandemic, that the reason for them to take the vaccine came from social pressure. Over time, some friends in Amsterdam came with the same explanation and eventually also people around me in Italy.

To be quite honest, I feel it as well. A huge social pressure, has been built toward the subject of vaccination. In my personal life, I felt it from different groups. Each one with his own reasons. My family explained me, I should vaccinate as they are worried about my health. (a conversation I’m having with them once a week). Some friends explained me I should do it, if I want to continue to meet them. some explain me it is my obligation toward the society. and in some cases, some people just started ignoring me as they discovered I didn’t took the jab.

All this social pressure have been built into the society, way before the introduction of the green pass. Bringing me to doubt my own sanity (Which to be frank is healthy to do once in a while). In some other moments, I actually considered to take the vaccine for the sake of being left alone and be an integral part of society. More the time pass, more people I encounter that regardless of their personal preference, have decided to take it. Some did to keep their jobs. Some for the sake of being able to travel to see their families. And some, as they couldn’t continue to push a swab to their nose on a weekly basic.

The introduction of green pass, was a big step in the process of legitimizing the social request for vaccination. It solidified it into a law. giving people, businesses and government the backing for their social confidence. Now, the requirement for vaccination is no longer a personal opinion. It is a requirement stated by law.

Until recently, I approached this topic from philosophical shorty time frame. I was mainly concentrated in questions related to the social changes happening around us. Subjects as the unemployment, the demolition of the middle class and the effected this changes have on divorces and globalization. And then it struck me…. The aim of our government is not the current working class. Definitely not the boomers generation. It is the youth! Shaping the young generation for a total support of the new system.

Stalin said : “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world”. Hitler said in 1935: “He alone who owns the youth gains the future“. They are right. The future of any society is shaped by the perception of you current youth. This is the target of all the propaganda. Not the adults, neither the old.

When media started to talk about vaccinating the 12 year old, it really didn’t make sense. Their percentage of death or hard reaction is in the 0.000%. What is the rush? why this great pressure? Is it really to save Gramma? it just didn’t make sense to me. (new conversation have started now on vaccinating the 8-12 years old). Then it struck me. The government don’t really care about the pity protests against vaccination or loss of freedom. They probably don’t really care if an extra 0.5% of the elder population dies. They are here to shape a new reality for the youth. One which will legitimize their grasp on freedom and create voluntary obedience. Not tomorrow, or in a year. But in a decade from now.

Youth are extremely social. The need to be part of a group and feeling belonging is a big motivation in adolescence. From an early age, kids learn from watching their peers and imitating them. Young people and adolescence are extremely susceptible to social pressure. Moreover, they are easy to shape. Kids are very flexible. they are adopting easily new realities and move forward with the new normal. Over time, this teenagers becomes the working class. and eventually, constitute the main power of any society.

Reshaping the youth

It seems to me, that not a lot more is needed for shaping a new reality in which the youth is indoctrinated to value vaccination, lose of freedom and absolute obedience. It will not take a lot to bring the vaccines to a “cool” or “good kid” status. In this point, the government could stop with the general propaganda. The social pressure in the young population will do the job. What about masks? well, the young generation will probably see it as a fact in our reality. Not having a mask could be seen as not having a shirt on. After all, it was always there.

shockingly, the US have allowed last week for kid above 12 to come to take the vaccine, without their parent consent. Adding the rebellious aspect to the process. It is hard to understand how such an act, is not reinforcing my point above.

I’ve been concentrating on the left, while the magic has been created from the right. What an elegant magic trick. If I’m correct, the discord in our society should change completely. The focus of any government action should be estimated by the effects it have on the youth. the amount of death and sick should be seen in proportion to the long term effects on our society. For me this understating made everything clearer and helped me reshape the way I see the process. I hope it help you to.

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