The vicious cycle of our new economy – why the poor stay poor and the rich get richer – Part 1

In the western society of our days, one of the main purpose of many young people is to get rich, or at least stop to be poor. Sentences as “ money attract money” or “the rich get richer” are familiar to most of us. Once in a while, some articles are published In newspapers celebrating a certain person getting richer or describing how the latest tax reform has saved to a certain person or organisation millions of dollars. In the next posts, I will take the time to fully explain why the rich get richer and why the poor stay as they are. In the end of it, we will understand how the system we (the majority of the people) are working so hard to maintain, is built from the first place in a way that promise the reality stays that way. For now, let’s concentrate on basic defining and some important principals.

When I say poor, I refer to every person that is not rich. It is important to make such an inaccurate dichotomous separation, for the sake of passing the point we are trying to understand. For the sake of our conversation, poor will include a range of people, from the poorest person that do not manage to finish the month, to people falling under the category of middle class society. The middle class, are those who are required to work a full-time job all their life to maintain their basic survival. Normally they will have  a nice house with a mortgage, numerous occasional loan and in some good cases a vacation once in a while.

Many of us will feel a bit offended to be called poor, seating in a nice house reading this post from a new Iphone or tablet. This perception is part of the problem to start with. It is also true, that calling the middle-class poor, is in many ways making the situation of the very poor people sounds less important and serious. To be honest, I believe the reason the very poor still exist, is because of the lack of understanding of the middle class regarding their status and the lack of responsibility they are taking on the system they support. We will get to it later on, in the following posts.

For now, lets establish a few important points: (I will take the time to explain all these points in separate posts)


  • People that live well holding a loan, are neither wealthy neither rich. It is just a temporary illusion. Such an illusion is the foundation of our twisted economy. It is required for one to support the system and maintain the economy as it is. (The amount of people with personal loans and mortgages these days, arrived to an all time high in human history)
  • Money became the only mean to survive in a rural city. Without it, the capacity of an individual to survive in a big city is almost impossible. Money is required to buy food, accommodation, transportation etc. It is essential for one basic survival in any rural location.
  • As I mentioned in a previous post, money has become mainly electronic. The majority of the money in the world do not exists in the reality, which makes the pursue after money extremely abstract. In 2018, less than 15% of the money actually exists as printed notes.
  • The monetary system of those days is build in a way that allows the authorities and the banks to control our life and manipulate our daily existence.
  • The idea of pursuing money for the sake of spending it immediately on temporary objects or unproductive upgrades is absurd and cannot promote any long terms positive aspect to any individual or society.
  • A person that will not be able to maintain itself (providing himself food, shelter and clothes) in case he loses his job, is in many ways a salve of his employment and of the system itself.
  • Loans with interest rate for the sake of maintaining one basic life is criminal, as it demand from a person to create more money than the one he do not have from the first place.
  • In case of economical crisis, the main layer of people that get affected are the poor and the middle class, while the rich stay rich. In many cases, As I will show the rich can even get richer.

In the next posts, I will show you how the system is build and why it is almost impossible to get rich if one start without basic riches. It is true that there are some examples of people that became rich. They are important for the sake of maintaining the belief in the masses mind that it is possible. This topic is heavy but important. Ignoring it, is an active way of maintaining its continuation and promise our slow demise as individuals and as a society.

Share with me your ideas and thought, open conversation and awareness are the key for the creation of a better future.


  1. People are kept poor on purpose. The Elite, rich white males do it out of fear and for reasons of control over others. They have never ending wars to cut down on the competition and they intentionally keep certain ethnic groups in poverty, without education, without recourse. The rich don’t want others to fight back so they take away their means to do so. Government officials can vote to give themselves raises and pretty much use our money for their own purposes, including vacations and bringing family members along when they travel. Those same people (men) refuse to raise the minimum wage to a livable wage, choosing instead, to keep those at the lowest level, impoverished. The middle class are often wage slaves, working their entire lives to stay even. They pass this insane “work ethic,” on to the next generation, insuring that the rich stay rich without doing anything to make it happen, since we have been trained to work and give out money to them automatically. Minimum wage should be what politicians earn. They should be honored to work for US. They should take as little as possible and scrimp and save, never being able to afford anything for themselves or their children. I mean, if it’s good enough for the masses, it should be good enough for them. But they have a strangle hold on us. They control EVERYTHING. The only way to change that is to start making our own money and not using the money printed by the government. By refusing to play their game we can start our own world order and no longer send our children to die in wars that make others richer than they already are. We are being used, every single day of our lives. College costs destroy lives before they begin with astronomical loans that can sometimes, never be paid off. We are being forced into debt, as you said, to merely survive. We need to band together and fight the government stranglehold. People need to shut things down. Walk away. But we won’t and the rich white men know that. They count on that. We are our own prison guards. They don’t have to do a single thing to keep us down because we do it ourselves. It’s getting worse and worse. We have to fight back in new ways because the old ways don’t work. We have to stop the powerful from destroying the people themselves. They have all the guns and the men who won’t think twice about killing us. The US bombs and kills whoever it wants to and makes up lies to cover what they have done. They’ll kill us too. Kent State. The guy told one of the teachers that if he didn’t get the kids out of their they would open fire and kill them. Unarmed college students. They will do anything to keep control but I think we are coming to a tipping point. I think more and more people are getting fed up with the way things are. I’m hoping that somehow we can join forces, and stand together, to make things better for everyone and take the power from the fat and disgusting ands of the elite.

    1. The system is indeed build in way that maintain the rich and the elite. It is an old habbit we are caring with us from a period that is no longer relevant. The global net of awareness and the understanding of the masses, that they are the one with the power is part of an healthy process that could bring us to a change. Unfurthunathly, like in many other period, humanity need to arrive to a certain extreme to understand it have the power to change.

      The use of violence will never solve violence, as it is the weapon of the elite from the first place.

      The economical system as we know it need to change. But change doesn’t mean distraction. We can take some positive foundation and get rid of the sick system that is been build apon it.

      Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a meaningful social change.

      In my next post in the subject that will be published this weekend, I’m talking exactly about why the rich need the people and not the contrary.
      I will love to hear your opinion about it.

      We have the power to make a Change if we learn to listing and communicate with each other on a global scale. Without holding to the doctrin of fear and hate, which he been rooted in our education system by the elite for the sake out keeping us separated and rule us.

      I wrote about it a series of posts called constructive education. Please share you thought.

    1. Thank you for your comment. This is the first out of a few articles that I will publish once a week. Please follow the post and give me your opinion. Only be promoting awareness and open conversation we will be able to make a real change.

  2. Definitely rooted in our educational system which is run by the government. Schools that teach a realistic view of the past, one which emphasizes creativity and thinking outside the box, are not sanctioned and graduating from anything but a government run school will not get you where you want to go, most of the time. Education is a way to brainwash and condition children to follow the rules of the elite and believe that they are right and just. We live in an oppressive patriarchal society that makes no room for the voices of women or minorities. There is only one voice, that of the rich white, male.

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