Creating a better world

We have the power to create a better world – it is now in our hands!

With the recent chaos and heavy propaganda opposed on us under the covid pretext, it is safe to say that the creation of an aware and thinking society is an inevitable process, if we are searching to create a better future. The developments and changes has reached a global unified aspect. Creating less freedom and tolerance to us all. As any other development, the potential positive outcome of the process, will be determined by the philosophy preached by the group that is leading the change. In this case, it is crucial that an aware and educated movement will arise from the people (the masses) and not from the side of the riches and cooperation (The current elite).

Democracy has proven itself to be the most productive structure for human society, if done and maintained in the right manner. It promotes the creation of opportunities, responsibilities and freedom for the masses. Democracy is in its primary stage of evolution, It have a long way to go before establishing real freedom and equality for all the world citizens. as the system is in its primary stage, it is naturally vulnerable to manipulations of the rich and powerful. These elite, is part of the leftover of an all system, trying to hold power as long as possible. As many other left over of local old system, it is necessary to remove it for the sake of moving forward.

Democracy is a remarkable system. It allows to spread authority and create opportunities for the willing and dreaming. The philosophy guiding such a system, promote values as transparency and equality, which should guide the system in times of darkness and complications.

For the sake of creating a better world for all its inhabitant, based on the values of democracy, I believe it is important that a few transformations will take place. These processes should come from the people and should affect our society and the rest of individuals mind in the world. These changes need to attack and shake the foundation of our society. We all know and agree that something is terribly wrong in our society in the moment. Our incapability to point the problem in words, comes in the majority of the cases, from our incapability to fully articulate the problems and some other times from an from simple ignorance. In my book “Back to Ourselves”, I’m trying to create a simple logic that will create a new language, allowing us to start solving these problems.

At the moment, the system serves only a small minority of people, in the price of the enslavement and impoverishment of the many. The way it is done, require the elite to touch and control all the aspects of our lives. It is not complicated to understand how it is done, if one holds the right perspective. It just requires from one to have the ability to see the big picture. This is the purpose of my blog.

In some previous posts, I spoke about education and economy excessively. In the future, I will continue to develop these topics and start talking about politics and laws, as I believe an active change need to be done in these fields as well. The only way a real, countable and positive change will be possible, is by creating an aware and active population that believe in its capacity to create a better world.

Change is a process. It requires time, movement and willingness to fail many time before achieving success. Small efforts bring to a big movement, as any failure bring us closer to success. The system is complicated only in our mind. Only in there, we are too weak and small to make a different. I truly believe the majority of the people on this planet wish to create a better, safer place for his children’s and family. Only by actively promoting peace, equality, true freedom and tolerance we will be able to arrive to this wishful prosperity.

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Awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.

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