Let the universe help you

Let the universe help you – Do it for the love

As part of my journey in life, I found myself drifting between what I want to do and what I have to do. This distinction is probably part of everyone’s life. Regardless of culture, location and time. it is it part of each person journey, regardless of its direction or variation.

In our current cultures, our main educational institutions are hyper focus on teaching us what and how we should all behave. Our religions gives as a long manual detailing how we should behave as part of our community and with ourselves.

Life in the last 100 years became more demanding. We require more money for our basic needs. The amount of hours we put in our jobs increased and our societal requirement in the big cities increased. More over, in the last few generations, a plan has been laid down in front of us from an early age. One in which ones go to school, then to university, find a partner (potentially buy a pet), makes kids, buy a house (with a mortgage), work hard, raise kids and then go to pension.

All this structures impose on use from early age, creates a dissonance for most of us over time. Some lucky people fit the formula exactly and pass a life in an enjoyable manner following the plan, but this generic dream do not fit the majority. Instead of working as a comforting guidance, this structure creates for many feeling of emptiness, frustrating, hate and general misery.

It is easy to understand. This magic plan is extremely generic. it ignores the individuality we all have in us. Rising divorce rates, suicides, depressions and drug addictions are all reflection of it. The stress and need to fit this plan, push many subconsciously to take a path which pursue neither fulfillment nor happiness.

Very early in my life, I came across this concept and realized it is not for me. When speaking about it with some people I respected. They all came out with this concept of doing first what you need to do, for then be able to do what you want (or love). It always seems strange to me. How much of what is needed is required? If I do only what I need, when will I have the time to do what I want? all of those questions followed me for many years.

Over the years, I heard many successful people saying, one should stop doing things he doesn’t like and start doing only what he loves. For many people, stuck in the routine of chasing a dream which is not their, this sentence can sound terrifying. it did to me too at first. leaving the construct I’ve been raise into mean uncertainty. It require trusting something I was not familiar with – the universe.

In one of my previous posts, I started sharing the roller-coaster of my personal life. In the last 10 years, I arrived to beautiful places and felt to very dark places. While I made many mistakes and learned a lot overtime. There are two rules that guide me and kept me going. Both are the core belief I hold, when it come to life. The first have to do with doing only things that I find interesting and give me satisfaction achieving (or at least try and fail to achieve). The second have to do with giving all I have to what I do and believing in my capacity to do it. I failed many times, but succeed many times over.

Tomas Jefferson said once: “The harder I work the luckier I get”. If one is searching to understand how to trust the universe, this probably summaries most of what you need to know. The other part have to do with your hard work and the acceptance to pass through failures. It is not an easy path to take. It is not the path people told you you should take. It is neither a path with a certain destination. It required courage, determination and persistance. And most importantly it is your own past. your unique path, that fit exactly who you are.

When one take this path, an amazing thing happened. The power of the universe reveal itself immediately. Retrospectively, it is really simple. If you do something you love to do, you become passionate. over time, a skill is developed. one that you really enjoy to do. it gives you satisfaction, excitement and curiosity. this energy attract people and with it opportunities.

Taking this path can look scary. But it is completely worth it. Think about it, if you are doing something you don’t like, the way forward is clear. taking the other path can be more complicated and hard, but the reward of doing what you like is worth it. Eventually, if one do long enough what he like and gives it all. the universe will complete the rest. It always did and it always will.

Trusting the universe means trusting yourself. to be able to do what you love to do and succeed. It just require courage and determination. We all have it in us. All we need is to make the jump and enjoy the path of our own life.

Share with me your opinion, awareness and open conversation are the key for the creation of a better future.

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