Into the numbers – Australia 2020 death rate overview

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Following an interesting conversation I had recently, About Covid deaths. I came to realize, that while many people talk about the death numbers of covid. No actual data has been presented to me, regarding the statistical differences between 2020 and previous years. This kind if data seems to me quite relevant. As it can put a lot of our assumptions in perspective.

We are expose to different numbers on a big scale. It seems to me, that putting those numbers in relation to past data or sizing it correctly, could give us a lot of clarity. In this series of posts, i will research and show different data points related the the numbers published in the Covid propaganda era. Hopefully, it will give me (and hopefully to you too), a better understanding of what we are dealing with.

disclaimer; i will try to show the data without any prejudice. Please remember, as any other human, I have my basic assumption. I will try to avoid them and not give any personal conclusion about the number and the data. I will prefer to let you decide for yourself.

for this post we will address the following question – Did more people died in Australia in 2020? If the answer is positive, is it a proportional spike in the data or part of a trend? what are the demographic of the death compared to the population?

we will start with information taken from

Alternative graph, from

The last one is from

before entering into the numbers, it is important to mention that the Australian population have doubled between the years 1960 to 2019. Bringing it from 10.5 million to 25.3 million in 2019.

Summery of the 3 graphs: In all the graph we can notice that the total death is in an down trend between 1950 to around 2006 and them stabilize with a slight high. The total amount of death people in Australia in 2019 indicated by all graphs average is 167,500. This number represent a total of 0.6% of the total population. (Total population in italy in 2019 is 25.36 Millions)

Based on the number published on (official covid death count), in 2020 a total of 909 death cases has been reported related to covid. The current death count states that the total covid related death (1 January 2020 – 4 August 2021) is 947. The Australian bureau statistic has published (very hard to find and to calculate) that the total death in Australia for 2020 is 132,673 . Meaning a total decrease of 20.8% compared to 2019 (total of 34,827 less death). Bringing the annual death compared to total population to 0.5%.

Finding reliable data, or any data, on the death statistic in Australia is impossible. Some generic data can be found for 2021. All data related to death by demographics in 2020 is un existence. Due to that issue, i will not be able to calculate to death by age group. Which is extremely important for the macro picture. This is very unfortunate.

in comparison to general demographics, taken from Australia official health website.The median life of a male in Australia is 78, while woman have an average of 84. In 2019 Australia had a total population of 4,032,240 aged 65+ From which a total of 515,700 are 85+.

Conclusion: Australia is an interesting case. The death count in 2020 are smaller than the average of previous years. Comparing 2020 to previous years, show a spike downward outside of its historical statistical pattern. Due to lack of available information, it is hard to evaluate the age and distribution of death. Regardless, a clear brake of the recent trend can be observed. While the total death numbers in the last 10 years went up steadily YoY, 2020 can be seen as an anomaly.

The Australian case is bringing an interesting question. Australia is one of the most agressive countries in the western world, when looking on its Covid measures. Its extensive lockdown and violant policies toward noncomplying citizens, can be categories as draconian in any standard. The official legitimacy for those measures has bee explained as preventing measures. Judging from this point of view, it can be said the measures has been effective. Regardless, If Australia is a democratic country. Would a draconian policy on this scale shouldn’t be a decision made democratically by a referendum? The impact of lockdown on society, economy and development surely are big enough to require such an action.

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It is interesting to mention, that Australia reaction to Covid, can be consider as one of the more extravagant in the world. The total closure of their borders, the multiple lockdown (still on at the moment), the extreme measures applied by police force and the surveillance mechanism put in place in the first lockdown, all contributed to the decline in the death rate. Regardless, a very relevant question need to be asked. Does applying draconian measure to the extent of not only eliminating Covid cases, but taking down the total annual death count, is worth the economical and social of a whole nation?

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