The unvaccinated – Is there a really danger to us all?

The unvaccinated and their impact on our society, is currently a hot topic. Everywhere around the world, an aggressive campaign is raging against this group. The current narrative point out, that the unvaccinated are the reason for the recent rise in the Covid cases. Many outlet points out that based on the available data, it is unquestionable that the unvaccinated are in a drastically higher risk of getting Covid, arriving to hospital and eventually dying.

The Data is solid. It shows clearly and without any doubts, the validity of this claim. Additionally, clear evidence shows, that the current Pfizer vaccine diminish drastically the chance of an individual to get sick or die for at least 6 months from the injection of the second dose. Looking at this evidence, it is clear how people reach the generic and general conclusion, that not getting vaccinates in illogical. Putting the rest of the society in risk for this decision.

This logic, as many other logical constructs in the Covid era, represent a simple and abstractive way to look at the data. It helps current propaganda, promoting obedience and conformism by the general population. Taking part of the data, wrapping it in fear and attaching it to the current existing narrative.

A simple Look at the actual numbers and demographics of the unvaccinated population Vs hospitalisation and deaths, gives some clues to what is actually going on. It seems that the Covid reality and group in risk didn’t change from day one, only the media focus did. Let me explain. From day 1 the main group in risk was identify as the 60+. Older a person becomes above this age, higher his risk to get sick, hospitalized and die. As for the rest of the population, the risk of getting hospitalize or die from Covid is insignificant (0.0..%). Younger one is in this category, lower their risk.

Looking at the actual number of the unvaccinated by age groups, shows the following data: In the majority of the western country the, the total amount of vaccinated above the age of 60 is around 80% (Israel 80.05, Italy 83% , USA 77.8%, France 73%). Taking Italy as an example, the data shows that 28% of the population are in the age of 60+ . Meaning that a total of 2.5 million people over the age of 60 are not fully vaccinated.

Lets go deeper into the numbers. in 2021 Italy, The total % of people dying from covid under the age of 60 (Vaccinated and unvaccinated), is 4.5% of the total covid related death. If we look at the category of 50-, the total death is 1%. This point is so important I will rephrase it – Adults aged 60 years and older account for 95 percent of COVID-19 deaths in Italy in 2021. The picture is quite similar all over the western world. Showing that regardless of the vaccine, the population under 50 in risk of dying from Covid, is small to non existent.

Furthermore, the data shows that

It is important to add, that due to the high amount of vaccinated people in the adult population. The majority of the positive cases are among the population under 50 (73% in Italy). Regardless, the number of unvaccinated under 60 that actually reach the intensive care are under 10% of the total Covid hospitalization (under 50 is under 4%).

Looking on it from that perspective, bring us to a clear conclusion. the number of unvaccinated under 60 that actually reach the intensive therapy are under 10% of the total Covid hospitalization (under 50 is under 4%). On a social level, the age group under the age of 60 will never create any pressure on hospital or any other social burden. The population in risk was and always will be the elderly. Not the kids under 12, neither the young under 25 vaccinated or not.

Based on the data I presented above, It seems some adjustments are needed in our perspective. First, Unvaccinated under 50 are not in real threat of death or hospitalization from Covid 19. Second, If we are searching to bring the Covid hospitalization and death down, the focus should be on promoting and convincing the population above 60 to get fully vaccination of (with an additional shot every 6 month). Third, the agressive campaign against the unvaccinated and the introduction of the green pass need to stop immediately, as it is not a policy that reflect the actual reality.

The issue of the unvaccinated has been used as a tool to promote fear, separation and hatred. It divide our society by terror, based on ideas that are not supported by data. After reading this blog and others in the subject, I hope some people have more tools to defend themselves and maybe some will rethink their stand before supporting the witch hunt against. After all, More I dig into the data, more it seems there is no data supporting all this hate and fear toward the the majority of the unvaccinated.

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