Can we still love in the covid era?

The events of the last year and a half, came like a storm shaking everything we considered familiar. The hysteria and panic that hit us, created the new reality which we call our life today. Differently from previous catastrophe, this one is the first that can be fully categorized as an abstract “war”.

the amount of propaganda and terror used by local government has been fully optimized . No tools has been unused in the fight for total obedience and the construction of the new reality. Social media (a new tool in the hand of government) has been turn against us, censoring any information that didn’t fit the narrative. We got bombarded with death numbers on an hourly basic. We have been explain that we cannot trust our neighbors, our friends and ourselves. As we can all be carrier and be potential “grama killer”.

Time has past and lost meaning in the covid era. Without noticing, a year and a half has past and a new reality has been created. A reality of extremism, separation, intolerance and violence. Not like any other war, this one attacked directly our own society. Normally, war unite local population, give purpose to the young and propagate ideal of a better future. This one is different. It is a war that separates us, as a society and as a family. The massage of this war has nothing positive to it. It is base on hatred and fear from the dark future coming.

I saw in my eyes, how rational and intelligent people lost their spark and capacity to judge the new reality. I witness loving people and friends braking up based on covid argument. I witness how a free society has become trapped in their home and then in their own narrative of terror. We are losing our way. Not because we disagree, but because we lost the capacity to talk about it and except each other regardless. In other words, we lost our compassion.

Compassion is a basic social requirement. It is fundamental to any functioning free society. In its core, it represent the capacity of individuals to understand and accept other people perspective and reality. it promote peace, cooperation and love. The real fundamental idea is based on the capacity of a person to understand that other people think differently and accept it with peace. Moreover, compassion is one of the most important requirement for the philosophical development of any society. as It allow an open and free conversation between its participants.

The elimination of compassion from our society bring fear, separation and hate. braking apart the essence of our society. its long term implication on the younger generation is devastating. Act of violence are an unavoidable consequence, while a degradation of our intellectual capacity is certain. Looking at our current state, it is easy to trace the lose of compassion in our society. its implications are starting to show everywhere you look.

Love, is a extension of compassion. it is a manifestation of collaboration and trust. Being loved is energizing, giving meaning and promoting the feeling of belonging. Being able to show love is fulfilling and giving a sense of security, confidence and belonging. While I cannot prove it scientifically, I’m pretty certain that a direct correlation exist between the lack or incapacity to love with the disintegration of a society and the mental stability of any human.

The path our governments are pulling us into, is based on fear, hate and separation. Like any other negative feeling, it is easier for individual to fall into. As a generality, it is easier to destroy than build as it is easier to hate than to love. If we will continue in this path, it is hard to see how any positive outcome will emerge for our society as a whole and for all its individuals.

I truly believe, that deep inside the majority of the people wish to love and be loved. The pressure and fear campaigns raging around us in the last year and a half, has been devastating and unbalancing for many. I’m not saying that we should ignore danger or not talk about it. But the point I’m trying to pass is that we should be aware of the price we pay for it.

Love and compassion are the answer and the key for the creation of a better future. It is worth fighting and scarifying for. I truly hope we will manage to shake away the shackles of terror and the blankets of fear. It start with us individually. Try to show some extra love and compassion to the people around you. It is really helpful and it can make only good in the world.

Please share with me your opinion. Im truly interest to hear.

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