Natural immunity

Covid and natural immunity

While the war on the unvaccinated continues. the topic of natural immunity has been completely erased from our daily conversation. By itself it is concerning, but far from surprising. In the current Covid narrative, any alternative treatment or narrative is dismissed or silenced immediately by all authorities in the western world.

mounting evidences shows, that the strength of one immune to Covid and its variants, will be extremely higher if built in a natural way (aka natural immunity). to make it simple, the only way to get natural immunity from Covid, is to actually get the disease and overcome it. A recent research have found that ”natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity.”

One could think this is a great breakthrough in our “war against Covid”. unfortunately, the global media coverage were non existence. Giving to the majority of the ”narrative followers”, the justification to downplay or fully dismiss it when presented. this kind of behavior became a common way to react to any news contradicting the “only vaccines will save us narrative”.

In a previous post, I showed that based on real data, the risk of any person under 50 to get severe reaction or die from covid are non existence (0.003%) . this information is well hidden behind the fear mongering campaign against the unvaccinated. giving legitimation to the transformation of our democracies, into a technocrat system ruled by decrees and intimidation.

Natural immunity

Natural immunity is a mechanism that proved itself, since the beginning of time. Our existence as we know it, is thanks to it. denying it is a strange rewriting of our history. funnily enough, when I tried confronting people in the subject, the only true reaction I got was some fear mongering doomsday scenario. Related to new variants that will kill all of our children’s. those arguments have no connection to reality, as the young were never in risk from Covid. predicting that they will be at a certain point, is not related to any facts, categorizing it more as a conspiracy theory than an actual deduction.

Findings, as the power and long term effects of natural immunity should not be ignored. they are an important part of our true scientific finding in the ”war on Covid”. this finding with some other finding i presented in my previous posts, could be a game changer in our Covid policy. The spread of this information can give hope and confidence to million of terrified young people.

At this point some interesting question should be asked. Who benefits from hiding and manipulating this scientific findings? Is the majority of the people got so traumatized by their own government, that obedience became more important than truth? What is the real motive behind the vaccination campaign? Are we fighting to save the old in the price of damaging the new?

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