Is it the world that is too hard, or me that is too soft?

Our perception of the world, is a unique human experience. It is a synergy between our interaction with our environment and the way we subjectively perceive it. This experience, is the essence of what each of us perceive as reality. Which at its turn, make us build all our most basic assumption about how the world work above it.

In everyday life, we learn very fast that some objects in the world feel hard. Once we learn it we unconsciously learn to avoid heating them. Big rocks, walls, trees and other humans would be a good example. We call all those object “hard” or “Solid”. When we use this terms relative to this objects, we mean that we cannot brake, path through or bend it. Normally it is also unpleasant and dangerous if a hard object fly into our face.

Philosophically speaking, calling this object hard is only one way to see it. The other way to put it will be the say that comparing to a rock, we are soft. The objective reality is that in a collusion between a human a rock, the human brake. The rest have to do with how we device to perceive it. This perception implies many things regarding to how we see the world. It affect our general mentality and our decision over time.

When encountering a challenge in life, it can be said we met a problem. One that we consider to be hard (If it wasn’t it wouldn’t be a challenge). Meaning, that our current self with our current capacities cannot handle the task. We use many times phrases as “the problem is too hard”, “I cannot overcome it” etc. This way to interact with reality is based on a subjective judgment, measured by the measurement of the external object.

This way of seeing life could be extremely frustrating. It is concentrated in objective facts that can hardly be changed. The velocity of a rock or wall are constants. They will not change. This kind of thinking can bring over time individuals to frustration and depression, when facing multiple challenges in life. A reality that most of humans pass during their lifespan.

As I mentioned above, another way to approach this problems, is by reversing the logic. In this case, we could say that, we have a problem because we are too weak, soft or unprepared. These pattern of though, represent an interpretation of the reality relative to us. It concentrate in subjective things we can change. Allowing us to take responsibility on our state and understand what need to be improved.

After meeting many people during my life time, I can say something for certain. At a certain point, life is hard, unfair and complicated for everyone. It is probably part of being alive. Nevertheless, I noticed one thing that separate those that get over all the challenges and those that get stack in it. It have to do with how they decide to perceive the problem. It makes all the difference.

Those that see problems or walls as too hard, will never manage to pass them. It is those that see themselves as too weak, that succeed and move on. It require a lot of self humility and honesty. Feelings as anger or frustration normally vanish very fast and give place for self reflection and self improvement. Over time, It becomes and habit. Allowing individuals to handle better complicated moments and become great managers or leaders.

I found myself many times asking myself why life is so hard. Normally in moment of fatigue and weakness. It never brought me any where. Only when I started to realize that it is not the world that is hard, but me that is too weak. I manage to pick myself up and start searching how to improve.

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