the path of extremism

the known path of extremism

The amount of information we all have been exposed to in the last two years, is undoubtedly bigger than what we can remember. The Covid narrative have been changed many times, taking one more step into blind extremism every time. More importantly, the topic have become so politicized, that any attempt to create a real open conversation get blocked by the extreme gospel of each side. dividing the population. Leaving it in chaos, fear and hatred.

Information in this new era became a tool for general manipulation. Each side, take what is comfortable for him. increasing his confidence in his conviction. Science, which use to be a tool of curiosity, progress and enlightenment. Became a strong tool of manipulation in the government hands, promoting the spread of terror for the sake of increasing control and integrating a new standard in which privacy is diminished to non existence.

the introduction of the compulsory green passes for employment, is a dramatic step. It gives to our government power it never had before. opening the door for a potential Orwellian society. Regardless of if one agree with the end game of those actions. It is agreed by all, that we are moving into extremes. Some justify it for the greater good and some fight it for the same reasons.

The creation and continuation of reality is based on a certain balance. As we are all part of a complicated interconnected web of existence called life. This balance is neutral. It is neither good nor bad. It is just the way things have settled. Allowing a continuous creation and evolution. We can see it in nature, in our society and in the universe.

This concept of balance, can be seen everywhere around us. Everything eventually come back to a middle. some call it the power of mother nature and some call it the middle way. Regardless of how one choose to call it, history is a proof that humans and society are no different. In a fantastic book by Neil howe, called “The Fourth Turning”, the concept of a social “saeculum” is introduced. It showed historically how society are operating in a cyclical manner. From an extreme period, to another one. The clear conclusion of this book is the following (at least as I see it) – Society is a living organism. As such, it evolve is a way that is searching for balance. This process require to get out of balance for the sake of finding it again. It was always the case and it always be the case.

Extremism have only one result. War, misery, separation and suffering. It always did and it always will. Extremism is built over time. starting by a small group of people with a strong agenda and fueled by the frustration and confusion of the local population. It always start small, initiated or followed by a large scale disaster. Spreading with the general suffering. Finishing in violent actions, which is counteract by more violence. Nothing good or constructive ever come from it. Only hate, poverty and lose.

Society by itself is a reflection of its individuals. Bringing itself to glory and distraction. The important part of this understanding is, that we guide our society based on our actions. Each one of us. In our everyday life and in our reaction to the other people in it. Great society have flourished on the basics of productive cooperation, mutual understanding and the pursue of the creation of a better future. In the same way, society have failed and disappeared due to hatred, separation and fear from it neighbors.

The path we are walking is clear. It is a path of extremism. We are taking it one step at a time. More the government action becomes extreme, more extreme the resistance becomes. More hatred and fear is accumulated in one group in the society, more conviction of justice the other side get. This path is a one way road to war, society brake down and misery. We seen it before way to many time to believe this time will be different.

It have nothing to do with one personal opinion about the vaccines, the green pass or the risks involved with Covid. It all have to do with accepting and embracing the freedom, privacy and autonomy of each one of us. We control our narrative and are the only responsible for our own actions. We have the power to create greatness and distraction. It all starts and finishes with us.

Regardless of the opinion of a person on the Covid issue, I believe the discourse need to shift to a new direction. One that have to do with the effect of our actions on the future of our society. In the way I see it, each person that hold extreme believes which are based on fear, hatred and separation is taking an active part in our general movement toward dissolution, war and misery. This is what is on the balance here.

While I’m well aware of the effect of fear on a human psychic. I think it is time we mature, take responsibility on our society as adult people. The future path is clear. We give the legitimacy to a corrupt leader by cooperating and supporting the hate and fear propaganda. I truly hope we will wake up in time. History will not judge us based on the amount of daily Covid count, but on the braking down of our social fabric.

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