Science – A way to explain reality or dictate it?

The importance of science on our life is irrefutably. It brought humanity to the greatness it is today. Without it, the majority of the aspects of our life would be completely different. Light, roads, cars, kitchens, toilets, smartphone, building are just a few examples. Our society is built on the finding of science. We cherish it, hails it and admire it. Nevertheless, a line have been cross recently. One that brought a wonderful tool that to become a dangerous one.

With the development of our society since the industrial revolution, science has taken a sharp turn. It started as a field of fascination. One in which the brightness mind gathered for the sake of innovation and the creation of a better world (or at least a more productive one). The field was open to who ever had the will and courage to take the challenge. As such, many discoveries has been made by people that came from different background and professions. Some invention got immediate adaption and some other took their time.

Based on the definition of Oxford dictionary. Science is – the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. I find that the key words are “systematic study”. From this definition it is easy to conclude that the purpose of science is to study and explain the reality around us. Its purpose is to look at the world around us, come with a certain theory and see if it predict future behavior. No more and no less.

In the current Covid era, Science got a completely different meaning and purpose. It became our way to dictate the future. Our current leader have taken a wonderful tool and turn it against us all. It became our gospel. Too complex for “normal” people to understand and too certain to allow any doubt to be heard. It has become the tool of the preachers .

Moreover, science is based on paradigm . in the way it works, many basic assumption are made. History is full of old science that have been proven not only not accurate, but totally faults . It is the nature of science and research.

When it come to Covid, science have been used as an absolute tool. One we should not doubt or overlook. Long term drastic measured have been taken by our government in the name of science. The Believers, are constantly belittling the skeptics as “stupid”, “barbarous” etc, based on the same blind believe in a certain segment of science. If and when the scientific conclusion are discovered to be faults or contradicting, the narrative creators are just pushing some new science and on we go.

In the last year and a half, many scientific claims and predictions has been proven as wrong (see Dr Fauci zig zag, the Oxford university prediction of the death count and the promises of the vaccines in the initial stage). As a society, we decided to ignore it. As we decided to ignore how much wrong doing have been created by the government decisions. I’m not sure if it is a mental reaction of a cognitive dissonance or an aware decision to double down on a losing bet.

Regardless of which one is it. Following 20 moths of mounting evidence, proving the endless mistakes and wrong assumptions that have been made both by science and our government. It is time to start an open conversation about what went wrong. And yes, it is mistakes done by our leaders. Those mistake have un-proportional long term effects on our lives. the lack of admittance of mistake by our government do not reinforce confidence. It does exactly the opposite. It is a sign of immaturity or a straight forward intended plan for our distruction.

Longer we continue ignoring it, more we will lose our capacity to trust science and authority. Nothing good can come out of it. As science is our way to evolve efficiently and our current government structure is the basic of our democratic society. It is not too late. It require self responsibility from our leaders and honesty between ourselves. The path we are walking on is nothing less than a straight path to social destruction. We are all walking it we close eye holding each other hand signing “cumbaia”. We require from our neighbors to take social responsability when it is comfortable for us but fail to do it ourselves when it is hard. We must be better than this. For our freedom and for the future of our children.

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